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Get social at Social Media Week Chicago

Here at Chicago Loop Alliance our staff is privy in the ways of social media. We share information between each other via social media, but most importantly we dispense and find content that will be of interest to our readers, followers, and fans. As a non-profit organization, social media is one of our best friends. It’s easy, free, and honest way to connect with the people that are part of our organization and the people our organization serves. We pride ourselves on being accessible to the public, whether they have questions that need answering or just want to share their thoughts on our latest initiative. 
When we launched our social media site for Color Jam back in May it was the first chance people had to interact with the 2012 Art Loop artist and concept. Though the Color Jam website followed shortly after, the Facebook page remained a key resource for the installation where fans could learn about programs related to the installations and special offers from our members. Similarly, the Pop-Up Art Loop is a place for gallery-walkers and artists to interact and learn about our new galleries.
Though we seem to be ahead of the curve in social media, there are new social media developments every day just waiting to be implemented. Enter, Social Media Week Chicago, presented by Zócalo Group and the Chicago Tribune. The 5-day lineup, building on the 80+ programs and 200+ speakers from 2011, will take place in various locations around the city under the unifying theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration.  Below is a list of our top picks (though new speakers are being added daily):
  • The Importance of Targeted Audience for B2B Social Media
  • SEO Strategies for PR and Social Media
  • The Social Plunge: Getting Your CEO to Dive In
  • Translating Your Personal Brand Digitally
  • Future Trends and Technology in Social Media
If you’re the go-to social media person in your office, we also suggest keeping tabs on the SMW Chicago Blog. They’re some great content on there about social media in popular culture and ways to best utilize social media within your organization. If you’re looking to network with other social media connoisseurs then attend the From Chicago to Berlin: Silent House Party. The Silent House Party is a collaborative, cross-city music event that unites Social Media Week Chicago, the birthplace of house music in the 80s, with Social Media Week in Berlin, a current hub for the house music scene. Deejays will kick off the celebration with some of the best house music Chicago and Berlin have to offer while large video screens broadcast activity from each event.
Whether you consider yourself social media savvy or not, there is a session for you. Registarion begins today, Tuesday, August 28. For more information about Social Media Week Chicago and a schedule of events, visit the website. We look forward to socializing with you!

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