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Cusp Conference brings "the design of everything" to Chicago

Dave Mason is the co-founder of Cusp Conference and Principal / Strategy Director of Multiple, Inc.

Design is practically everywhere. And we believe it's in everyone.

Each year since 2008, Cusp Conference has gathered together 300+ thinkers, innovators, skeptics, believers, visionaries and explorers from business, the arts, science, education, medicine and technology and conducted an exercise in associational thinking.

Howard Tullman is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, writer, lecturer and art collector.

Broadly focused on ‘the design of everything’, Cusp is carefully curated but intentionally eclectic and loosely defined because, as many innovators will attest, new thinking happens in unexpected places.

During two days each fall, 25+ presenters ranging from atmospheric physicists, physicians, lawyers and choreographers to submarine engineers, cartoonists and ‘eco-capitalists’ converge on Chicago to share their stories, ideas, hopes, fears, challenges and accomplishments with an equally diverse audience of CEOs and company founders, chief innovation and marketing officers, entrepreneurs, educators and students. The themes and thoughts that emerge—powered by the cross-pollination of ideas—tend to span industries and interests. It’s that process, repeated year after year, that has resulted in Cusp being described as ‘a supercollider for innovative, creative thought.'

Maria Giudice has pursued a vision of intelligent, elegant, people-centered design throughout her professional life.

If your career, your passion or your life revolves around innovation and creativity, if you’re determined to find new ways to work, learn, teach, earn, lead, serve, think or live, find your way to Cusp Conference 2014. 

Cusp is for anyone who believes that the best way to predict the future is to design it.

Cusp Conference 2014
October 22-23
Museum of Contemporary Art Theater, Chicago

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