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Chicago Loop Alliance releases new study on higher education in the Loop

Chicago Loop Alliance released a new study, Higher Education in the Loop, to present and analyze data describing the economic and social impact of the twenty-two higher education institutions located in the Loop and South Loop areas of the City of Chicago. CLA began studying higher education in the Loop in 2003, and the new data should be read as an update to CLA’s 2004 and 2009 higher education reports.

CLA’s study this year dovetails the findings of the 2014 America’s Urban Campus® research. America’s Urban Campus is a newly-formed consortium of seventeen higher education institutions across the City of Chicago, eight of which are located in the Loop or have campuses in the Loop. This Loop-focused report will provide new research similar to their recent study but will examine the economic impact in the Loop in greater detail, drawing fruitful comparisons to the America’s Urban Campus figures where relevant.

The 2014 study was prepared by Anderson Economic Group, LLC, a research and consulting firm specializing in economics, public policy, finance and business valuation, and market and industry analysis.

Download the Study

Click here to download the 2014 Higher Education in the Loop study.

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