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Chicago Loop Alliance Celebrates Pride Month with LGBTQ Playlist on State St.

The Chicago Loop Alliance celebrates Pride Month with a freshly-designed musical soundscape on State Street. Throughout the month of June, Lightscape will feature music about, inspired by, or created by the LGBTQ community. Chicago-based Director Andrew Snyder has collaborated with New York-based DJ & Music Director David Hollands to create a mix of music that appeals to a wide range of State Street passersby.

The playlist embraces:

  • tracks from the 60’s through today
  • pop, disco, country, and remixes of classics
  • a range of artists, including Aretha Franklin, U2, Prince, Katy Perry and James Brown

Some tracks contain messages of love, pride, and self-expression.  Some are straight-up LGBTQ classics (“I Am What I Am,” “True Colors,” “I’m Coming Out”).  Some express the principles of the LGBTQ movement (“Express Yourself,” “Pride in the Name of Love,” “Respect”).  And some are performed by Out recording artists (David Bowie, Chely Wright).

Says Snyder, “Our hope is to bring attention to the best of humanity that Pride expresses:  love, respect, joy, diversity, and progress.  While some music is closely associated with the LGBTQ community, we’ve included a broader expression of Pride in hopes that all types of people will connect with messages.  And of course we’ve chosen music that is fun, uplifting, and inspiring.”

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