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Celebrate National Donut Day in the Loop

Treat yourself. It's National Donut Day! The Loop is full of savory donut spots to help you celebrate.

Do-Rite Donuts

Located at 50 W. Randolph St., the giant donut sculpture outside this tiny shop beckons passersby to indulge.

Do-Rite Donuts is home to the freshest donuts in Chicago. The shop never makes more than 36 donuts at a time, which is truly impressive with all the options available. Gluten-free foodies will be pleasantly surprised that they will not have to forgo variety; in fact some of the shop's most popular donuts are gluten free.

This is one decadent donut. The ingredients are equally as fresh as the donut itself. Those looking for a “gourmet” donut should make Do-Rite a priority. It is undoubtedly the fanciest donut in the Loop.

Doughnut Vault Van

Often found at LaSalle & Adams and Clark & Monroe in the Loop, the Doughnut Vault Van is full of amazing melt in your mouth donuts.

Voted one of the “best donuts in America” by Food & Wine Magazine, Doughnut Vault is one of Chicago’s most talked about donuts. Soft and cakey on the inside and perfectly glazed on the outside, these donuts are the definition of savory.

The van features a variety of old-fashioned donuts including, buttermilk, pistachio, coconut cream, toasted almond, triple chocolate, and lemon poppy seed. Other specials are also available. We recommend arriving early; the Doughnut Vault Van sells out quickly!

Follow Doughnut Vault on Twitter, @doughnutvault to get updates on the van's location and specials.


Another donut van that frequents the Loop, Firecakes, is also often parked at LaSalle & Adams and Clark & Monroe. These donuts are massive. Be prepared to get out a fork, knife, and tons of napkins; picking up and biting into these giant donuts may result in icing and donut all over your face. Such a massive donut would be nearly impossible to eat, and would probably conclude in one colossal stomachache, if it weren't for its light and fluffy dough. However, what has made these donuts an overwhelming success isn’t its dough, but the icing's perfect sweetness.

The van’s menu features, honey glazed, vanilla iced, old-fashioned buttermilk, Valrhona chocolate, and classic jelly donuts. If you arrive early you may be able to find a few other specialty donuts. The truck also features a donut ice cream sandwich.

Follow Firecakes on Twitter, @FirecakesDonuts, to get updates on the van's location and specials.


Photo: Do-Rite Donuts

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