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Pegasus soars on State Street

All through the month of October, Chicago Loop Alliance partners with the Poetry Foundation to transform State Street into a locus for exploring poetry – and Chicago’s legacy as a literary city. 

It’s a fitting occasion: Poetry magazine, the flagship program of the Poetry Foundation, celebrates its 100th year of bringing the best in contemporary poetry to the public this October. A Chicago institution with an international reputation, Poetry started in 1912 and has never missed an issue in its long history.

Like everything that Chicago Loop Alliance does, this collaboration is intended for a broad audience. Approachable, engaging, and at times provocative, short excerpts from Poetry archives, printed on light pole banners and signs, mark the rhythm and rhyme of blocks between Wacker and Congress. Here, visitors will encounter some of the best-known authors of the 20th century --  D.H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound, Gwendolyn Brooks – along with some newcomers.

Pedestrians’ ears will perk up – and their spirits surely soar – when they hear the sounds of poetry emanating from Lightscape. Part of October’s celebration is a curated selection of audio recordings, some read by the poems’ authors.

A thematic strand winds through all of the audio and printed poems on State Street. In one way or another, selected poems each reflect or comment on the urban experience. Some, like Carl Sandburg’s iconic “Chicago,” are firmly grounded in the physicality of the city. Others approach cities and the people who inhabit them more obliquely by investigating conditions of alienation and kinship, anxiety and desire, celebration and nostalgia.

One of my favorites is an Ezra Pound poem from 1913, as densely packed as its titular subject: a station of the metro. You can’t miss it. As if it were a message from the deities of public transport, it is writ large across a former subway entrance.

Check it out. After you do, please tell me what it means.

CLA's Hummel to speak at Arts Club

Tristan Hummel, Chicago Loop Alliance's Project Manager and Curator, will talk about the Pop-Up Art Loop program at the Arts Club of Chicago during the EXPO Chicago weekend. The talk, which is exculsive to Arts Club of Chicago members, will take place at 12:15pm on Friday, September 21, 2012.

We've previously reported that Chicago Loop Alliance is partnering with EXPO to present a satellite exhibition in the Loop

Pop-Up brings EXPO's In/Situ to the Loop

Chicago Loop Alliance is thrilled to partner with EXPO to present a Pop-Up Art Loop exhibition that features large-scale sculptural work from Chicago's best new galleries. The exhibition, opening to the public on September 6, is an outpost of EXPO's exciting In/Situ series, which highlights large-scale, site-specific work. From the release:

A mixed-use destination

I remember when blogs first appeared on the scene. Or, rather, I remember when I first became aware of them, which wasn't much later. I was working part-time as a marketing coordinator at a credit union while going to college. The credit union had just started an rfp process to replace its placeholder website with a full-featured one, and as I was the youngest staffer -- and probably useless in most other ways -- I was appointed to explore the still finite, almost cozy, environs of the early World Wide Web. 

Arrivederci, Pop-Up

Pop-Up Art Loop is on tour. Starting on August 27, it'll alight in Italy as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale -- one of the juried entries presented by the United States in its official pavilion.

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