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Where to Watch the Blackhawks in the Loop

With 3 games left to take the Stanley Cup, we Chicagoans need to get out and support our Blackhawks. For those who like watching with friends, over a beer and food, or do not have a television, we’ve got you covered with Blackhawks fan-friendly restaurants and bars in the Loop!

Here's The Dish: Where to Eat In the Loop During Restaurant Week

Chicago’s annual Restaurant Week is upon us, with more than 250 local eateries providing lunch and dinner prix fixe menus at accessible prices.

New Food In The Loop

In a city like Chicago, where new neighborhoods burst with restaurant and bar openings, the Loop’s ever-growing food scene continues to stand out for people who work, live or spend time in the area. I've identified 5 recently opened or forthcoming food joints that make my mouth water and are sure to feed the appetite of any windy-city citizen.

Loop List: Where to watch the World Cup

Soccer, Sepak Bola, Fútbol. Whatever you call it, the World Cup has grabbed the attention of people from every country on the globe. As the U.S. team prepares to play Portugal on Sunday, we've prepared a guide to viewing so that, win or lose, you'll enjoy every moment of the match.

Loop List: Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago Design Museum and more

This weekend, Chicago's Loop boasts everything from comedy and theater, to music and design! Whatever your preference, you can experience unparalleled urban arts and culture in Chicago's iconic downtown.