Loop Chicago


Turning the Page Brings Character to the Loop

At the beginning of the month, Turning the Page’s bookstore, Carpe Librum, moved from its space in the Pedway to a street-level spot in Block 37 on State Street. The move puts the used bookstore in a high-profile location that both brings character to State Street and puts more eyes on the bookstore.

ACTIVATE Artist’s Corner: Hot Kitchen

We formed in 2016, and are a theatre and performance group made up of eight artists hailing from Florida. Altogether, sometimes in pairs, or in any potential combination of members or outside collaborators, Hot Kitchen devises performances and experiences with a focus on the stupid and the absurd, disregarding the plot structures of traditional plays.

Lunch Hour Tranquility in the Loop

In a time where we are constantly bombarded by social media, high expectations, commitments and deadlines, tranquility is not easy to come by. And that doesn’t bode well for living heartily and productively. But what if we use our lunch break to regain our deeper self?

Clowning Around for a Good Cause in the Loop—Again

The Loop will be clowning around for the fourth annual Red Nose Day on May 24.  Stop by your local Walgreens and help a child in need by purchasing a Red Nose for $1.

Must-Go Summer Music Fests in the Loop

The sound of summer in Chicago is the sound of music festivals. Although Lollapalooza is the apex of its kind, there are plenty of other music fests in the Chicago Loop for you to get your groove on and grace the outdoors. Make the most of Chicago’s best season with these musical experiences.