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Artist's Corner (pt. 1): Streets of Manila at ACTIVATE

Curious about what to expect at ACTIVATE next week? I was too - so I spoke with the folks at Connection Art Project, one of two curators we're working with this month, to see how they plan to transform the Sullivan Center alley. Take a look and stay tuned for part 2 with Video Game Art Gallery tomorrow (and don't forget to RSVP online for a free drink at the event!)

Describe your work that will appear at ACTIVATE. What would you say inspired this piece (or pieces)?

Connection Art Project: Our project showcases photography, cultural collages and paintings taken in and inspired by our trip to the Philippines.  The photography depicts daily life in both the bustling city of Manila and the countryside of the Philippines, where tribal life still flourishes.  Through the images, you’re able to explore the developing nation driven by family values, faith and superstition, tradition, and economy.  

Agustina’s collages use mixed media material to create thoughtful pieces reflecting on her experience in the Philippines. Influenced by her own Argentinean heritage, Agustina explores the differences and similarities between her and her husband’s cultures.  Her work can be playful and mysterious, using imagery and artifacts to create a glimpse into the complex culture.

(Photo: Maggie Rife Ponce)

What impact do you hope your work will have on the people who view it? 

Our mission is to inspire connections within people across geographic, economic, and cultural divides through art.  We hope this show leaves visitors feeling slightly more informed and connected to the Philippines, and inspire further interest in exploring other cultures both whether locally or internationally. 

Why choose to put your work on display in an open, public setting like an alley event?

In keeping with our mission, we believe this is a great platform to reach a broad, diverse audience through a fun experience. We love that it’s an alley, because alleys, or kalyes in Tagalog, is where Filipino life flourishes most! 

(Photo: Maggie Rife Ponce)

Any other thoughts you'd like to share about your work or the event?

We believe despite distance, humans are ever connected by energy that is neither created nor lost, but rather recycled through lifetimes. Therefore, we are like interwoven particles, feeling and reacting to each other across our divides. We wish to bridge these gaps through cultural immersion and art exhibition. 

Chicago Loop Alliance would like to thank Augustina and all of her collaborators at Connection Art Project.

Participating Artists:

Augustina Diez Sierra

Filipino Folk Fusion Band, SamaSama Project

Kate Tully - Muralist

Tracee Badway - Visual Artist

Trisha Martin - Visual Artist

Davis McCarthy -Projection Mapped Lighting & Laser Cut Fabrication

Mr. Spring


RSVP online

(Header Image: "Disconnected" by Augustina Diez Sierra)

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