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A Fond Farewell to Altman’s Shoes

Opened in 1967, Altman’s Shoes is an exemplary case of a family-run business with deep roots in our downtown Chicago community. Although they are closing their store in the Loop at the end of this year, Chicago Loop Alliance would like to take this moment to pay tribute to Altman’s and their legacy downtown.

The one thing Altman’s was known for most was its classic approach toward customer service.

“I think people who came into the store were amazed at the shoes we had and the type of service we gave that you don’t get at a big box store. We measure customers’ feet. They don’t do that anymore,” said owner Marty Altman in an interview with DNAinfo.com.

One reason they measured feet was the fact that they had over 20,000 pairs of men’s shoes in storage, ranging in sizes from 5-20 and even from AAAA to 6E in width. And if Altman’s somehow didn’t have the pair of shoes the customer was looking for, they would order it specially.

Altman’s has also measured some famous Chicago feet – including those of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Bill and Michael Daley, and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

“I’ll miss all of it. However, I say to myself I’m satisfied because throughout my life I don’t have any qualms about what I did. I did things how I wanted, and hopefully that was the right way. I’m 82 years old. I had a very long run, which I was very proud of, and it’s something that was very special in my heart,” Altman said.

Though Altman’s will be missed in the Loop, they’ve left behind a legacy of customer service and care that will be difficult to match.

Header Photo: Mark Konkol / DNAinfo.com

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