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Creative Team

Meet the brains behind ACTIVATE

Missy Perkins

Miss Perkins is a freelance curator, event coordinator, art consultant, and hip-hop advocate. Her support for Chicago’s graffiti and street art scene enabled her to participate in Chicago’s 2014 Meeting of Styles, an international network of graffiti artists and supporters. She became involved with non-profit arts organization The Simple Good and began to partner with John Ibarra from Que4 Radio, which led to the development of unique shows and block parties incorporating hip-hop culture, art, and world music. Que4 Radio hosts an annual block party and has participated in past ACTIVATE events. 

Port Urbanism

PORT is a leading-edge design consultancy whose work focuses on the analysis, visioning, design, and implementation of new forms of collective space and the public realm, ranging in scale from plazas, parks, and public waterfronts to institutional framework plans and regional planning strategies. The practice synthesizes professional expertise in urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, ecology and urban planning in order to provide the hybrid model of design services necessary to negotiate today’s complex public realm challenges.